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7 Proven Tips to Maximize Your Earnings with Google AdSense
06 July 2020

7 Proven Tips to Maximize Your Earnings with Google AdSense


Monetizing blogs and websites through Google AdSense are highly popular among online marketers. But getting things compliant as per Google AdSense Program Policies is definitely not an easy task. A publisher has to optimize his blog posts, and take care of the Ad size, Ad copy, Keywords, traffic and CPC’s.

Honestly, working out the best of the mix that could churn out the targeted traffic that can boost your earnings is highly essential. But it’s easier said than done.

The prime aim of this post is to highlight a few of the key points that if taken into consideration would drive higher monetization from your AdSense account.

So, let’s delve into the key tips.


  1. Placement of the Ads

Now, this is something that can make or break the success of your Ad campaign. Yes, you need to work out the places where you need to display the Ads.

It’s advisable and intelligent to place the Ads above-the-fold, which means ideally in the eye route of your valuable reader. The way data is consumed by your target audiences should be taken into consideration and can be acknowledged with the help of the AdSense Heatmap.


  1. Size of the Ads

AdSense Ads can be designed in different sizes and proportions, depending upon the ad type and the selling point. Marketers have figured out the ad format with the highest CTRs, the ones with size proportions of 336*280 or Large Rectangle or the 300*250 size, 728*90 size or the 160*600 size.


  1. Focus on driving organic traffic

With AdSense, the performance of the ads also depends upon the traffic. If the traffic is derived from search engines which is purely organic based on users search queries, it would help the ad outperform internet-based ads. In fact, it’s advisable that while targeting traffic more stress should be on countries like the USA and UK. You will witness improvements in your AdSense earnings.


  1. Which to Choose Image or Text Ads

Many marketers believe that employing image ads on their website or blog would fetch them higher CPCs. Instead try to include both of  these ad formats for your campaigns. Both have their respective benefits and scope and utilizing them both for delivering the best user experience is essential. This would surely be more profitable for you.


  1. Employ AdSense for Search

Being a blog owner, you should have optimized your site experience for users by making content easily accessible. Try including a Search Bar at the top of the blog which can help users in searching and  finding the results they have been looking for. With lower bounce rates and easier navigation, you can improve revenues from AdSense search.


  1. Customize the Ad background with the website

AdSense should be employed in a way that the ads look a part of your website and not pure advertisements. The color of the website and the ads should be complementary and well-matched to each other. Choosing the right color theme for the ad background that goes well with your blog or site can help in boosting the click throughs.


  1. Opt-in for Placement Targeting

While creating your channel make sure you fill in the details about the various ad types opted by you and then opting for placement targeting through which your ad would be available for auctioning. This simple yet intelligent step increases the competition and the ad value of your site jumps. If not defined yet, you can go to your AdSense account and click on My Ads-> Custom->Custom Channels. A pop-up screen is shown where you need to add in the details.


So, these are a few of the proven tips through which marketers have been able to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars monthly.

Hope you have gained more insights into maximizing your earnings through Google AdSense.

Good Luck for your future AdSense campaigns!


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